Since 1988 I have taken on the challenge of creating,

developing and organising cultural events that are

intended to be strategic instruments

of communication. With the company MRA S.r.l. I have

created a specific division for Art and for the Events

that I have worked on until 2009.

Until 2012 I was art supervisor for the Innovation Lab ASAM (the

Association for Business and Managerial Studies at the Sacred Heart

Catholic University of Milan) and Coordinator for the seminars held by

Michael Tsur for ASAM (the Association for Business and Managerial

Studies at the Sacred Heart Catholic University of Milan).

In 2013 I became president of Artelling, a company creating art

exhibitions and cultural events.












I believe that art has influenced the evolution of man through visions of genius that were, until shortly before, totally unimaginable.  Connecting new ideas with previous knowledge awakens creativity and produces new points of observation.


Many people ask me where I find the energy to take on the difficult challenges of trying to create dialogue between such diverse realities as foundations, museums, public administrations, private collectors and companies.  I am moved and spurred on by my passion, which is always greater than any problem.


I believe that to evolve one must step outside the framework and create connections that are able to set off sparks that further one's knowledge.  A long-held dream of mine is to create a network of European women for the promotion of culture because I am convinced that they could be the winning card in realizing extraordinary initiatives.

An Honour's degree "cum laude" in Modern Literature from the University of Padua and a three-year Scientific Specialization course in History of Art were followed by the decision to leave for the United States. After a Master's degree in Comparative Literature  at the University of  California in San Diego (UCSD) I followed Professor Carlo Pedretti at the University of California (UCLA) in his magical lectures on Leonardo da Vinci, and I took part in the first seminar at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence dedicated to the study of Leonardo's mural painting of the Battle of Anghiari which is believed to be still beneath Vasari's fresco, a project which is still ongoing.


Research and continuous development are inseparable elements of my life. I regularly take refresher courses in subjects of specific interest to me.  My latest challenge is formed by on-line courses from the most prestigious universities in the world.  At the time of writing I am following with particular interest the theme of "Positive Thinking" by Professor Tal Ben Shahar,  Pensylvania University, Harvard University.


Italian, English, French and Spanish are the languages I love and speak fluently.



My work has always been accompanied by my passion for writing, from creating catalogues to editing projects such as "Dante as manager" or "Giotto as manager", which were experiences designed to fascinate and involve the participants in the creation of values and dreams.

* As a journalist since 2007, I collaborate with Are ARte, OK Arte Milano and Madre, Italy's oldest publication for women.



My life has been built around passion and positivity.  I love all the challenges and projects which have opened doors to worlds of possibilities, where cultural contamination can build bridges forming creative synergies.

* Member of the Scientific Committee of the Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art.

* Art advisor and curator for TINA B, Prague's first Contemporary Art Festival, and responsible for Italy at the Biennale di Venezia and at Porsche Italia.