tina b. at the Arsenale

tina b., short for This Is Not Another Biennal, is a contemporary art festival that is unique in its genre and since 2005 it transforms Prague for 3 weeks into an international stage where curators and young artists meet each other, bringing forth new ideas and where new trends come to light.  The impact of this festival has been so forceful that I wanted to create a link with Italy, opening up a dialogue with the Biennale di Venezia.



tina b. meets Porsche


tina b., taking inspiration each year from a different theme linking the exhibitions and performances of the artists, displays the art of light, video art, performances and works that come from the field of the new  media and other unusual sectors.  Therefore I chose locations different from the usual exhibition venues, for example the Porsche Italia exhibition space, because never before this occasion has art become an active means of communication for the community that experiences it.


tina b. special project


Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong - One of China's most famous contemporary artist, for the first time in Prague, presents a work where the very Italian brand DeLonghi becomes a partner in integrating the work of art with its surroundings.