Portraits 1964-1998



“Giuseppe Pino grasps the poetry of a look, that enigma that each of us has in the middle of our faces, just above the nose".

François-René Simon, 2003

Giuseppe Pino has always been a great artistic love of mine.  His photography "reveals" the protagonists of the worlds of art, politics and culture through invisible traits: fascination, intelligence, sense of humour.  But also ambition, insecurity, a sense of superiority to the earthly world.


120 portraits for a gallery of faces that penetrate the mystery of the soul.  The composition of the image and the  photographic editing reveal the originality of an artist that is able to make the image "come alive".


Daniel Soutif, the curator for exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou in Paris who I involved in the presentation of this exhibition, has knowingly outlined with a few essential words the greatness of this artist.  "That which Pino offers is simply the fascination that he has been able to apply to his prestigious subjects that, finally and thanks to him, look at us."

Padova, Museo Civico di Piazza del Santo, 11 ottobre 2003 – 25 gennaio 2004