Not only women

Growing up as a Photographer

"The human body is the best image of the human soul"

Ludwig Wittgenstein


I have been close to Comte in an enchanting city such as Prague:  seeing as he sees and  portrays the world through his camera is a moving experience.


With a speed that is his alone he manages to transmit a tireless passion.  Only true talent can allow the spectator not only to perceive but also to "feel" the image.
 Perhaps that portrait had already been shot a thousand times inside his mind.... anyway a great photographer is also a good psychologist, as were Cecil Beaton, Cartier-Bresson.


His photographs show us bodies, faces that we recognise, but they never stop at the surface of the skin as could be so easily done, rather they push us further:  we feel the poetry in the eyes, the narrative of a portrait artist of immense class for whom words will never manage to render the sense of what the photographer manages to capture with his lens, and here those images become unique icons.


This exhibition, with around a hundred of the most significant photographs from the thirty-year career of the great photographer, shines a spotlight on his ability to capture a moment of our times and impose his world view onto it.



Not only women
Lucca, Lu.C.C.A., 20 novembre 2012 - 23 gennaio 2011
Praga, Leica Gallery Prague, 18 febbraio - 3 aprile 2011



Crescendo Fotografico
Milano, Triennale di Milano, 10 maggio - 3 luglio 2011