Empire. Impressions from China.


"My work is entirely uncensored and unalterated....I have a point of view and a motivation for every undertaking."

James Whitlow Delano

Ten years travelling to and from China, around 50 trips with a Leica M2 and 35mm lenses which force him to move in towards each subject.  The lens is able to boldly assume a point of view, a committed photographer who works according to his own urgent need to document the world, beyond the confines of a country that does not easily allow itself to be shown.


This is the thing that struck me most about the art of Delano when I saw his work at the Triennale of Milan.  These are the reasons why I decided to take him with me to Padua and Venice.


Seventy-seven images that perfectly render the sense of the immediacy of the moment seized, and grasp the essence of the people and the perception of a reality removed from time, like pieces of a mosaic that defines the contradictions of a life suspended between a nostalgic vision of the past and an exasperated modernity.


He is one of the first people with the courage to propose a fascinating and suggestive reportage on the poetic potential of daily life and to communicate that which up to that moment had never left the confines of the country.


Venezia, Schola dei Battioro e Tioraro, Campo San Stae, 5 - 28 maggio 2006
Padova, Spazio Tindaci, 15 maggio - 8 giugno 2006