Face to face with the bull


A symbol of power and of violence, the nature of the beast which is in opposition to human rationality which sublimates the sensuality of the monster and his vulnerability:  the tauromaquia is a passion that has influenced many artists, from Picasso to Salvador Dalì, from Francesco Goya to Fernando Botero.



But this is already well known.  Perhaps less well known is that as symbol of the eternal conflict between man and beast, as found in common between many latin countries, it has also inspired many Czech artists such as Emil Filla and Karel Čapek in particular but also Carlos Aires, Karel Myslbek, Jan Konůpek, Jitka Válová, Linka Procházková.



What are the archetypes that draw the threads of such fascination to a similar theme?

Animal strength and energy, shrewd courage and fertility, interpreted each time through each individual artist's sensibility:  to Goya it was  the means by which he could demonstrate his opposition to the political powers of his time, and for Picasso it became the driving force that inspired the preparatory drawing of Guernica, whereas for Dalì it became a rite.  But for all, the tauromaquia is charged with a powerful symbolic matrix:  the suffering of an era, a theme that has never been so contemporary.



Praga, Exhibition Halls of the Municipal House

9 December 2011- 29 April 2012










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